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Mel Bochner Win! Cap

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Mel Bochner Win! Cap

The Win! Mel Bochner Cap is comfortable, stylish, and perfect for getting noticed at AT&T Stadium.  This cap was inspired by Bochner's art at the stadium.  Celebrate art and the Cowboys in this adjustable 100% cotton cap.

About the art
Win! (2009) begins simply, with the word for what every fan wants his team to do, whether he's screaming it on Sunday or reading it in the headlines of Monday's paper. Simplicity disappears with the next word: "Vanquish" takes "win" to extremes, suggesting the overpowering of an utterly defeated foe. "Conquer" adds notions of control and possession to the rapidly growing mixture of meanings. Then "Clobber!," "Drub!," and "Rout!" evoke the exaggerated language of comic strips as they also recall the clichés often typed by sportswriters.

About the Artist
Mel Bochner uses words in the same way that a painter uses colors - to get viewers to see subtle differences between similar things.

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